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About Eden Villa Nevis-----------------------------------------

Eden Villa is eco-friendly, green living, fully powered by wind and Sun
Why choose 'Eden Villa Nevis'?

Beyond contemporary definitions of 'green' or 'eco-friendly', Eden Villa Nevis serves as a working model of the Builder/Owner's highly successful, international, multiple award-winning efforts in '21st Century Integrated Design and Construction':
    'Eden Villa is a private family estate designed to be shared - designed to contribute to our local community with excess electric power from our fully supporting, on site wind and solar, electric power production plant with back-feed capabilities; with our unique, oversized fresh water collection and processing systems, and with our own Hydroponics Greenhouse (completion 2021) which will provide excess fresh, healthy, natural foods; enough to share.'
Most all are aware of the natural healing power of water. At Eden Villa, as you leave your jeep in the dedicated, walled-off parking areas, you step into a magical paradise.

You are immediately greeted by falling water streams, ancient waterfall gardens and naturalized tropical pools. The sights and sounds of falling water surround you as you move around and through lush tropical gardens.

Together with our three swimming pools, the ever-present views of the Caribbean Sea and tropical Atlantic and even the rain-forest shower head in your suite, you are constantly surrounded by the sight, the sound, the feel of healing, invigorating, soul-pleasing water.

It is also widely known that music has it's own profound healing powers. At Eden Villa Nevis your stay may include an evening's celebration of live music on our Grand Terrace Pool Deck, where the stars are so close on a moonless night, you'll stroll among them. The Gallery at our West Poolside Suite serves as the musician's stage, the pool deck itself an amphitheater noted by local musicians as having 'the best acoustics on the island' - also by design.

Choosing Eden Villa Nevis means you and your guests become permanent members of our Eden Villa Nevis family of supporters.

Taking eco-tourism to a whole new level

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